Taking Chances

What do you say to takin chances?
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there is a solid ground below
Or a hand to hold
Or hell to pay
What do you say?


not so gd/ so gd

i jus checked my friendster n came across one of my secondary schoolmates...n i m really happy to find out tat she is married
i feel happy for her...
n thrgh her pics i can see she is happy... n e things she wrote too
wish her all e best n may it last till death do them apart... which i believe it will

all of a sudden... i miss my old days alot again...
but life still goes on
gettin married sounds so gd...

it jus sounds gd to find a life partner
does it sounds as gd if marryin isnt part of e picture?



its been a short but nice trip...
shop n eat
shop n eat
shop n eat
n e last day
vomit 5 times
lao sah 7 times
it was quite a scary experience
but beside tese
its a very interesting trip


u r sweet/ u r not

i m happy u did sometin today
but does it mean tat tml will b fine?n all will b gd?
i dono
i m glad tat u still remb me
but does it mean tat tml will b fine?n all will b gd?
i dono
i m touch when u remb wat i like
but doesn it mean tat tml will b fine?n all will b gd?
i dono
i m relieve when u still care to sms me
but does it mean tat tml will b fine?n all will b gd?
i dono

its not tat i don need u.
its not tat i dun tink abt u.
its not tat i dun care.
its not tat i hate u.
its tat i dono wats e outcome.
its tat i cant see e road lay ahead of us.
its tat i cant bear to let go cos i dono wats right to do.
its tat i cant see us so unhappy all so many times.
its tat i wan to b happy.
n its tat i wan u to b happy too.
how to?
tell me, can someone tell me?
(i noe none haf e answer,only time will tell)


questions?or facts?

moments of sweetness ...
endless of heartpain
is tis love?



sometimes life is so unassured
honestly speakin, it has been for a long time
i m jus tryin to b positive
n tats all i can do ... tellin myself to stay positive
but humans get tired at times dont we?
but after the tireness, we shall perk up n move on
i wan my faith back
i still have it, jus that i have to keep reminding myself of it.cos its so unsure now.
finally, i m gettin up earlier for a swim n tan today.thks for e sun to b tere
n glad to meet up my bro n xy for dinner -) n of cos get to c gan...who is always so ahppy go lucky.i tink i should learn more of tat yah.


gd luck

i m askin myself many questions recently
is it worth goin on?i dono
is it goin to work?i dono
but now i ve no choice but to go on
if things remains e same, i doubt so its gona work
i hope it will improve
me by my own, i haf limted strengths
i hope i can do more... n make it work. but i ve tried my best
mayb my best isnt gd enough?
i dono
i fear e future...
i fear wat will happen
but fear isnt bringin me anywhere
so don fear?
its hard not to
cos my future lies in tis
i dono
i guess not only me myself havin doubts
i told u ... but will u listen?
i hope u will b rite
all i can do is to haf faith n hope it all works.
all e best to tis



jus heard abt my close girl fren...
y ended?does everyting comes to an end?
i dono if its for everyones benefit.
i hope so.
life isnt e same anymore
n i wonder how long this will go on...
sometimes dont we jus wished to b a kid again?
eat, sleep, play is all we noe?
tinkin of tat makes me smile- finally :)
end of e day ... m i smiling?

spend all your time waiting for that second chance, for a break that will make it oki,
there is always a reason to feel not gd enough and its hard at the end of the day,
i need some distrcations, oh beautiful release, memory seeps from my veins,
let me be empty and weightless and mayb i will find some peace tonight,
in the arms of an angel, fly away from here, from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear, your are pulled from the wreakage of your slient riverie. you re in the arms of the angel, may you find some comort here, so tired of the straight line and everywhere you turn, theres vultures n thieves at your back and the storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lie, that you make up for all that you lack, it dont make a difference, escaping one last time, its easier to believe in this sweet madness oh, this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees, you re in the arms of the angel,
may you find some comfort here



it seems like god has play a joke on me
i haf achieve nothing
its all back to the start again
can i do it all over again?

i hope i can
i hope i can
i hope i can


thanks guys n gals... =)

hi guys n gals,
thanks for all e things u guys n gals done for my 25 birthday
i m really touched n happy :)
willnt forget e sentosa night- nice food, nice company
e sunday sentosa volleyball - nice play, nice sun, nice compnay
monday marche dinner- nice food, nice tok, nice company
its a nice fullfillin three days



are u listening?

check her out

new album

reminds me of faye wong singing...

finally someone who can sing wif her soul

i willnt say u will like her songs in this album when u first listen to it

but after listenin it again n again

i love it...

its so full of live n tis is wat i call music

not commercial

not at all


sentosa- gone

tis is how e sentosa harbour looks like now
think its fully gone by now
= (



jus some fotos i took using my hp over e past months (resolution pretty bad sorry )

mus take a gd look at this foto.it is no longer tere in sentosa

taken on 24042007

... now it has been demolished :(

some drinks me n my frens drink at coastes (sentosa)
like e right side one- pina colada

vivo marche- i like tis outlet alot... very nice cottage settings :)

though e food variety is lesser over here

the phantom of opera - 080507

yah tats how far we sit.but gd show still

tis is a picture of my sis

did her hair for a competition ...but win nothing ;)

oki...tired of loading pictures... update again


i m back

hi i m back to updating after a long period of time of unable to log in to my blog...
n at last i notice i haf mistaken another log in username n used a wrong one... tats y cant log in
stupid me ah
recently still busy wif work... glad to haf done nat hair recently... hey hey hey ... catch that "babe" ah... her hair is wonderful... note: tat doesnt mean her face not as wondeful ah ;)
n shawna :) glad she like n is comfortable wif wat i do loh... so next time = bleaching n continue to "click"click"click" ha
jus watched wolf creek again yest at home... ( caught it in e movies last year ) its a very nice show i tink - gross, but informative... telling us to b extra careful when we r overseas... catch it guys...
recently i m glad tat e sun is out again, but busy wif work so doesnt haf tat much time to go tanned...hopefully tuesday wil b a sunny day :)

dono wat to write again
brian its been quite a while since u updated yr blog ah
n nat ... any more continuation of yr cabby story?ha

i guessed u guys r e only people who will read tis bah...
take gd cares guys -)



tuesday jus arrive
my off day
hope it b a hot n sunny one
so i can go n do my outdoor stuff
notin much as usual... jus tat its been sometimes since i updated anyting here
jus some small thing to update
so happy tat i m able to play vb once again with my vb frens :) njoy playin vb... all along... n glad i got to do it last fri cos its in e morning n i can go for it b4 i hit for work
hope u guys play more on morning yah ha
been a long time since i can go for a proper tanned... cos its always raining during my off day... n thats e only day i can go for a tanned... usually if not will b a quick swim upstairs ha
so cant catch much of e sun

i jus write since i m free n bored :)
entertain myself... kind of bah ha
will continue entertaining myself sometimes soon




its a tuesday
-off day
-do- notin- day
-no sun day
-rainin day
-pissed off day

its a bad day
anyway... jus another bad day



hi long time never update lobut will like upate tis foto...
jus got back from krabi...n i love tis place :)




有人知道我的感 受嗎﹖



sorry...forgot to say abt e venue ya
e performance will b at around 8pm tis sat...
i tink it starts at ard 7... but our segment will b at ard 8 bah



its been a long time since i last updated.busy with work
will be workin everyday till chinese new year lo
so wana cut/color/treatment/ or any chemical services come find k
...come find me bah...i be at e salon everyday
: (
= )
b doin a performance outside tao payoh libary..its singin of ke yao song... sometin new for me ... i haf never sang those songs before...interested in chiong yao?can come c lo ha
cai lilian will b e main lead... i b doin a duet with her...
oso dono wat to update liao leh


is tis a saturday?

yes today is saturday...
as usual haf to work for e day...
after work hopin someting interesting to happen... go out to some nice place..chill out...
notin happen
didn go out
tml work again...
monday work again...
tuesday off :) hopes it doesnt rain anymore please...
life is jus so boring
beside work... is work... if not is a off day tats always wet n can do noting :(
jus hope tat tuesday b a sunny day... tats all i asked for... isnt it simple?
n all i wish for is some interestin things to spark up my life after my work... if not i m only work...

oki... dono wat else to tok about for e time being... update again bah



thought e rainy seasons is over... happily waited for tis off day of mine... wana get myself some sun ...
BUT... woke up to a dark day... e rain wash away all my moods :(
did notin constructive durin e day... mayb e nap i did is consider constructive ... cos hope it will give me more energy for work till e next off day
fortunately... did sometin heathly towards e evening
went for a run... nice run... ran across imh... though i stay really near to imh... but i didn went all e way into it before... remb once i went for a run n i ran into e entrance... but it seems really dark ... so i turn back n took another path... today we took e path into imh...
its a very nice place to jog or run actually... cos its windy after e rain... it seems endless n most of all no pedestrians blockin u.don really noe how far we ran... but it feels gd to do tat.
weather is gd for sleep i guessed... so sleep well bah... hope you sleep well
tml is another start of a whole week of work... hope it b e smooth n fun one
pray hard tat next tuesday b a really sunny day ...
btw saw wat u did nat :) e clips ha... u guys really haf a lot to tok ya ... n btw i tink i look very ugly in e clips... but its fun ... espc watchin e drama goin on ha.
its a coolin nite.. my bro is asleep lo... mayb i should go sleep oso bah... jus read tis from menshealth "10 things to do in e new year"- do not feel its a waste of time to sleep before midnight. i totally agree to it sometimes ha .. but actually we should agree to it all e time... but it is jus a bad bad bad habit tat i don go to bed before mignight.. didn do it on purpose... but will jus stretch n do notin important till late then head for bed...
mayb we should all make tis resolutions- sleep once we haf notin to do
wonder who will read this chunk of uninteresting writings... jus feel tat quite some time never update lo.. so should write something bah
alrighty, gd nitez n sweetest dreams


New year? gd one?ha

its not a gd start for me
haf been a very bad first day of e year
wat had happen?
everyting has changed
my life has changed
i m stuck in a situation where i cant go anywhere
i m not happy
i smile, i laugh, i crack jokes... but i m not happy anymore
i miss myself