tuesday jus arrive
my off day
hope it b a hot n sunny one
so i can go n do my outdoor stuff
notin much as usual... jus tat its been sometimes since i updated anyting here
jus some small thing to update
so happy tat i m able to play vb once again with my vb frens :) njoy playin vb... all along... n glad i got to do it last fri cos its in e morning n i can go for it b4 i hit for work
hope u guys play more on morning yah ha
been a long time since i can go for a proper tanned... cos its always raining during my off day... n thats e only day i can go for a tanned... usually if not will b a quick swim upstairs ha
so cant catch much of e sun

i jus write since i m free n bored :)
entertain myself... kind of bah ha
will continue entertaining myself sometimes soon