sorry...forgot to say abt e venue ya
e performance will b at around 8pm tis sat...
i tink it starts at ard 7... but our segment will b at ard 8 bah



its been a long time since i last updated.busy with work
will be workin everyday till chinese new year lo
so wana cut/color/treatment/ or any chemical services come find k
...come find me bah...i be at e salon everyday
: (
= )
b doin a performance outside tao payoh libary..its singin of ke yao song... sometin new for me ... i haf never sang those songs before...interested in chiong yao?can come c lo ha
cai lilian will b e main lead... i b doin a duet with her...
oso dono wat to update liao leh


is tis a saturday?

yes today is saturday...
as usual haf to work for e day...
after work hopin someting interesting to happen... go out to some nice place..chill out...
notin happen
didn go out
tml work again...
monday work again...
tuesday off :) hopes it doesnt rain anymore please...
life is jus so boring
beside work... is work... if not is a off day tats always wet n can do noting :(
jus hope tat tuesday b a sunny day... tats all i asked for... isnt it simple?
n all i wish for is some interestin things to spark up my life after my work... if not i m only work...

oki... dono wat else to tok about for e time being... update again bah



thought e rainy seasons is over... happily waited for tis off day of mine... wana get myself some sun ...
BUT... woke up to a dark day... e rain wash away all my moods :(
did notin constructive durin e day... mayb e nap i did is consider constructive ... cos hope it will give me more energy for work till e next off day
fortunately... did sometin heathly towards e evening
went for a run... nice run... ran across imh... though i stay really near to imh... but i didn went all e way into it before... remb once i went for a run n i ran into e entrance... but it seems really dark ... so i turn back n took another path... today we took e path into imh...
its a very nice place to jog or run actually... cos its windy after e rain... it seems endless n most of all no pedestrians blockin u.don really noe how far we ran... but it feels gd to do tat.
weather is gd for sleep i guessed... so sleep well bah... hope you sleep well
tml is another start of a whole week of work... hope it b e smooth n fun one
pray hard tat next tuesday b a really sunny day ...
btw saw wat u did nat :) e clips ha... u guys really haf a lot to tok ya ... n btw i tink i look very ugly in e clips... but its fun ... espc watchin e drama goin on ha.
its a coolin nite.. my bro is asleep lo... mayb i should go sleep oso bah... jus read tis from menshealth "10 things to do in e new year"- do not feel its a waste of time to sleep before midnight. i totally agree to it sometimes ha .. but actually we should agree to it all e time... but it is jus a bad bad bad habit tat i don go to bed before mignight.. didn do it on purpose... but will jus stretch n do notin important till late then head for bed...
mayb we should all make tis resolutions- sleep once we haf notin to do
wonder who will read this chunk of uninteresting writings... jus feel tat quite some time never update lo.. so should write something bah
alrighty, gd nitez n sweetest dreams


New year? gd one?ha

its not a gd start for me
haf been a very bad first day of e year
wat had happen?
everyting has changed
my life has changed
i m stuck in a situation where i cant go anywhere
i m not happy
i smile, i laugh, i crack jokes... but i m not happy anymore
i miss myself