is this wat i need to live with?

had been havin this headache for many days
yest finally went to c e doc,,,
the medicine isnt workin
went again today
doc say i most likely too stress causing tis migraine
how can i not b stress?
i been stress for so long
n now e headache is here
migraine never really go away
i m worried i will haf tis kind of headache every now n then from now on
e poudnin is like hell
it makes my mind very stressful
sleepless nights
feelin uptight

i must learn to relax.
haf a peace of mind

Taking Chances again

anybody ever tell you tat you re not home?
hollow shelf of a man without a soul
never ever felt your warmth cause you re always cold
only thing that makes sense is lettin go
anybody tell you that you got nerve
treating my love like jus another word
tired of givin love to that you dun derserve
so this is my way of sayin its over
cause i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i gave you my best and u treated it worthless
so i got nothing left
anybody ever tell you tat u gotta learn
trust and respect are two things you mus earn
when it came to lovin me you jus werent concerned
you never gave a damn so i guess its my turn
casue i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i got nothing left
so done with you
baby we are through
so done, we are through
cause i ve got nothing left
i got nothin left
i got nothing left

e lyrics of this song - i wish i have e courage to say it out