is e world full of sadness

i hope u b fine, hope u feel better
stay strong, n b positive

- tis is what i would like to tell my vocal trainer... nicole

i tink its sometin i mus tell myself too

there are many paths in life, all leading in every which way.
at times it may be too dark to see the paths, or we may choose the paths that says no entry.however the paths we choose make for the people that we are.
without this walk in life we get bored tired, n stagnant.we lose that spark that every human being jas, that light, that life.
be who you wan to be, walk where u wana walk, say wat u wana say love who u wana love and make life what you wan to make it.
dun wait till it is too late to do the tings you never had the courage to do before. live it, dun regret it.
when the fight begins himself, a man's worth someting,remember that everyting you do in life whether positively or negatively depends entirely on you.be motivated, haf faith. you always had & always noe tis: you are not alone