gd luck

i m askin myself many questions recently
is it worth goin on?i dono
is it goin to work?i dono
but now i ve no choice but to go on
if things remains e same, i doubt so its gona work
i hope it will improve
me by my own, i haf limted strengths
i hope i can do more... n make it work. but i ve tried my best
mayb my best isnt gd enough?
i dono
i fear e future...
i fear wat will happen
but fear isnt bringin me anywhere
so don fear?
its hard not to
cos my future lies in tis
i dono
i guess not only me myself havin doubts
i told u ... but will u listen?
i hope u will b rite
all i can do is to haf faith n hope it all works.
all e best to tis