jus some fotos i took using my hp over e past months (resolution pretty bad sorry )

mus take a gd look at this foto.it is no longer tere in sentosa

taken on 24042007

... now it has been demolished :(

some drinks me n my frens drink at coastes (sentosa)
like e right side one- pina colada

vivo marche- i like tis outlet alot... very nice cottage settings :)

though e food variety is lesser over here

the phantom of opera - 080507

yah tats how far we sit.but gd show still

tis is a picture of my sis

did her hair for a competition ...but win nothing ;)

oki...tired of loading pictures... update again


i m back

hi i m back to updating after a long period of time of unable to log in to my blog...
n at last i notice i haf mistaken another log in username n used a wrong one... tats y cant log in
stupid me ah
recently still busy wif work... glad to haf done nat hair recently... hey hey hey ... catch that "babe" ah... her hair is wonderful... note: tat doesnt mean her face not as wondeful ah ;)
n shawna :) glad she like n is comfortable wif wat i do loh... so next time = bleaching n continue to "click"click"click" ha
jus watched wolf creek again yest at home... ( caught it in e movies last year ) its a very nice show i tink - gross, but informative... telling us to b extra careful when we r overseas... catch it guys...
recently i m glad tat e sun is out again, but busy wif work so doesnt haf tat much time to go tanned...hopefully tuesday wil b a sunny day :)

dono wat to write again
brian its been quite a while since u updated yr blog ah
n nat ... any more continuation of yr cabby story?ha

i guessed u guys r e only people who will read tis bah...
take gd cares guys -)