Taking Chances

What do you say to takin chances?
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there is a solid ground below
Or a hand to hold
Or hell to pay
What do you say?


not so gd/ so gd

i jus checked my friendster n came across one of my secondary schoolmates...n i m really happy to find out tat she is married
i feel happy for her...
n thrgh her pics i can see she is happy... n e things she wrote too
wish her all e best n may it last till death do them apart... which i believe it will

all of a sudden... i miss my old days alot again...
but life still goes on
gettin married sounds so gd...

it jus sounds gd to find a life partner
does it sounds as gd if marryin isnt part of e picture?



its been a short but nice trip...
shop n eat
shop n eat
shop n eat
n e last day
vomit 5 times
lao sah 7 times
it was quite a scary experience
but beside tese
its a very interesting trip