its my month....
very soon i be 27.
and all of a sudden i m thinking of what have i achieved?
i think i have achieved alot.
but the last thing on my list is money.
haiz, how long more to have a more substaintial income?
its been a long time since i have write here.
nothing much happen over these period.
still doing the same thing- gym, tennis, vb, running, movies, etc
just a additional thing i m picking up, the art of make up.
hope i can do well for that.
been quite stress about that

a thought:
sometimes i just wonder why close frens drift apart.
hate this feelings...
hope everything is fine for you.


so i noe

i thought when i felt tat i m not been appreciated is jus because i tink too much n over sensitive. but today i realise i m not been over sensitive.
i m totally unappreciated. not even tat, more than under appreciated...
i m all angry, sad, frustrated, helpless, disouraged, insulted.
once again i hear n c words tat i dunt deserve at all.
i thght u realise u shldnt treat me tat way again
but once again u did...

i m totally hurted

yes i deserved



although its jus one song _)



i have learnt a new lesson today

tere isnt much point workin yr ass off durin cny period as it doesnt pay off both ways... both in money aspect n appreciaton aspect
it will never b enough...
work n work n work
still not enough... will b even blame for not takin in more clients when i already only haf time to go toilet twice.
ha funny? i tink i find myself pretty stupid.
thks to the one who i love... i supposed... shall revise it thoroughly.

yah for e first time i thght the person is not worth for my love.
i agreed.
did i say all tis out of spite?or not... but i really do tink so...
hurting as it is ...
life still goes on

thks for wakin me up by sayin all tese hurtful comments.
it makes me realise how idiot i m to u
how DIGUSTING i m to u
how unworthy to u

u deserve better ones
hope u can find then
gd luck to someone who dun even noe e very basic of showin love upfront