ahhh i look so ugly in tis pic...but its e only one tat has brian in it ... n david... we didn take any of yr pic leh...



y do someone wake up in middle of e night wif all e dreams tat u wished didnt even come to yr mind?makes u feel so uptight n suffocating?
sometimes its not tat u didnt try hard enough... how ever hard u try, y it jus don seems right?
sometimes i will blame it on myself... cos mayb ,my hard isnt hard enough?
teres no right or wrong.
its jus differences.
is tat all?
is tere anytin more tat can b done?
sarah brightman...thks for addin on so much to my thoughts.
btw i jus bought sarah brightman latest album- symphony
it might not fit everyone elses taste.but its jus nice to listen to tis sort of music n voice at times...all high up n brings u far away
but when it all ends... u r back to where u r.
ha wat happen?n y m i so emo ... talia... we ve become e same kind of people

carry on n carry on n i will stay strong
(i will be with you( where the lost ones go) )

btw check tis out... nice fotos - www.sarah-brightman.com