is e world full of sadness

i hope u b fine, hope u feel better
stay strong, n b positive

- tis is what i would like to tell my vocal trainer... nicole

i tink its sometin i mus tell myself too

there are many paths in life, all leading in every which way.
at times it may be too dark to see the paths, or we may choose the paths that says no entry.however the paths we choose make for the people that we are.
without this walk in life we get bored tired, n stagnant.we lose that spark that every human being jas, that light, that life.
be who you wan to be, walk where u wana walk, say wat u wana say love who u wana love and make life what you wan to make it.
dun wait till it is too late to do the tings you never had the courage to do before. live it, dun regret it.
when the fight begins himself, a man's worth someting,remember that everyting you do in life whether positively or negatively depends entirely on you.be motivated, haf faith. you always had & always noe tis: you are not alone


is this wat i need to live with?

had been havin this headache for many days
yest finally went to c e doc,,,
the medicine isnt workin
went again today
doc say i most likely too stress causing tis migraine
how can i not b stress?
i been stress for so long
n now e headache is here
migraine never really go away
i m worried i will haf tis kind of headache every now n then from now on
e poudnin is like hell
it makes my mind very stressful
sleepless nights
feelin uptight

i must learn to relax.
haf a peace of mind

Taking Chances again

anybody ever tell you tat you re not home?
hollow shelf of a man without a soul
never ever felt your warmth cause you re always cold
only thing that makes sense is lettin go
anybody tell you that you got nerve
treating my love like jus another word
tired of givin love to that you dun derserve
so this is my way of sayin its over
cause i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i gave you my best and u treated it worthless
so i got nothing left
anybody ever tell you tat u gotta learn
trust and respect are two things you mus earn
when it came to lovin me you jus werent concerned
you never gave a damn so i guess its my turn
casue i got nothing left
i got nothing left
i got nothing left
so done with you
baby we are through
so done, we are through
cause i ve got nothing left
i got nothin left
i got nothing left

e lyrics of this song - i wish i have e courage to say it out



its hurting
now tat it has come to tis, i wonder if it really gd?or jus a excuse tats easier to say - part

recently someone told me

i can see tat u treasure alot the times u spend wif *
and also love * as who * is
but at the same time tere is alot of things tat u wish for, that * couldnt give u"

n someone else said
"max, i can see tat * love u alot"

i truely understand, y mus our character be so different?

i doesnt wana find tis missin pleasure somewhere else

Do u noe how i feel?



come support me yah

i b doin a singin gig tis 3rd may
tickets goin at $6 wif one drink
let me noe if any of u guys keen yah ;)


we thght it will work

at e point when both of us c a pinch of hope
here comes e blindfold again
all i c is black ahead

tired of it
indeed i m

tryin to b happy here



its friday
guess many will b happy _)
i m tryin to
but it seems so diifcult
i jus wana do someting on tis fri nite
don wana head home after work
wat can i do?
i guess notin much i could do anyway
where has all my frens gone too?
i realise i haf very few frens


y has it come to tis point of no return?

has it come to a point of no return?
e day i m so afraid of seems like comin very soon
nobody is doin anytin
cos nobody noes wat can b done
yes i miss tis
yes i don wana lose it
but wat can i do?
cos i noe its not workin
tats y i really dono wat i can do
can someone tell me wat to do?
i noe no one can tell me wat to do
my heart is so painful
but i cant show
i can show no one
i can tel no one
no point tellin
its really suffocatin
tats y i decided to write here.


nobody will understand

nobody understand
i m not talking because i dont know what to say anymore
i m not talking because i dont know what should i say anymore
i m not talking because i dont know what can i say anymore
i m not talking because i dont know what can be done
so whats the point in talkin anymore.
so i chose to keep quiet
and i shall be quiet from now on.

jus not gd

havin nitemares
recieved bad news abt my frens
not don my work gd enough
feelin tired
not been happy
feelin empty
will i ever get a true fren?
will everyting b fine?
do i do gd for my work?
suddenly everytin seems so far away...
n i feel all by myself

i m jus F-ck up


loh hor

its raining alot recently
where is e sun?
y so gloomy weather
i like rain
but i like e sun as well



ahhh i look so ugly in tis pic...but its e only one tat has brian in it ... n david... we didn take any of yr pic leh...



y do someone wake up in middle of e night wif all e dreams tat u wished didnt even come to yr mind?makes u feel so uptight n suffocating?
sometimes its not tat u didnt try hard enough... how ever hard u try, y it jus don seems right?
sometimes i will blame it on myself... cos mayb ,my hard isnt hard enough?
teres no right or wrong.
its jus differences.
is tat all?
is tere anytin more tat can b done?
sarah brightman...thks for addin on so much to my thoughts.
btw i jus bought sarah brightman latest album- symphony
it might not fit everyone elses taste.but its jus nice to listen to tis sort of music n voice at times...all high up n brings u far away
but when it all ends... u r back to where u r.
ha wat happen?n y m i so emo ... talia... we ve become e same kind of people

carry on n carry on n i will stay strong
(i will be with you( where the lost ones go) )

btw check tis out... nice fotos - www.sarah-brightman.com