after all this while

so much have change, yet it seems so much is still the same.
it has been so long... but why haven i gotten use to it? shoudlnt i?
there is still as many questions that is awaiting answers...
sometimes i m just convinced that there isnt answers to them...
but at many times... i m still waiting...
time really flies...
very soon it be the end of 2010 ...

i realy wonder what is ahead for me
yah many people will tell me... its u ... me who will detemine wats ahead for me.
but do u really tink so?
is it so simple to jus move on and plan ahead?

as each day passes... i can sense the loneliness that lies ahead comes closer... its scary
but i m askin myself?why m i so afraid of loneliness? what is tere to be afraid of?
but i do fear

they are things that changes over time
but how many of these things can we let go ? and how many of these things we will be holdin on so tightly even though we noe that it has changed... to the better?i aint too sure

cancerian yes i m ... but y cant i b like those not so emotional cancerian?

when will i grow out of all these?

when will i stop feeling tis way?

i miss

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